UXdB = unexploded db

Wow! I thought I had updated this to include the shows I played in the interim, but I guess not. Well, too bad if you missed them! Especially the last one at the Beatnik in April!

I came here to promote this year’s FediVision entry, because I think it’s kinda cool! You can find it here: https://fedivision.party/#ODTH with all the other entries; you can listen to it on https://radiofreefedi.net this week on the popup; and you can find it on my bandcamp page: https://bittersweetdb.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-wind-fedivision-2024-edit

You can vote for me if you like and you’re on mastodon! info at https://fedivision.party/vote and listen to all the entries, they are all worth hearing 🙂

So I’ve basically quit twitter because Nazis just are not my jam. I had joined Mastodon (actually, the Fediverse) some time ago, and dusted off my handle and have found many of my old twitter pals (and I mean, more all the time) with a scarcely noticeable number of obnoxious reply-guys and spammers and scammers.

So there’s a Eurovision-style song contest there called FediVision, and I threw together a song in about 10 days to make the deadline, and entered. Last year there were 18 entries; this year, there were 43! and only 285 people voted. So we need to make this more popular among listeners/voters. In any case, I got an indeterminate number of votes <13 (they don’t go into details of those below the Top 5), but I did get some nice comments. And I put it up on bandcamp. I am giving proceeds from the song to MDLT.org because they do such great work to preserve our beautiful Mojave Desert. My song is about the climate catastrophe as much as it’s about anything. You can hear it here: https://bittersweetdb.bandcamp.com/, it’s called Existential.

Hey, I’ll be playing at the Beatnik Lounge April 22 2023 with a few artists that were not able to make it to Wonder Valley (Drekka and Timber Rattle, they’re on the poster below), and an artist called Garek Druss. Come on out if you can! I’ll be fine-tuning some of my FAWM songs for this. No covers! perhaps less disco than usual, we’ll see.

I did February AlbumWriting Month again this year (first time since 2015!) and got a lot of stuff done, although none of it is anything like a finished song. If you’d like to check my stuff out, it’s available here until April 1: https://write.fawm.org/@bittersweetdb.

In other news, I will not be part of Wonder Valley Experimental this year, BUT I think I’ll be manning the merch table. My Mr is helping organize the live event April 1 in Wonder Valley, and is also performing! So come out to the desert, this will be a blast. I think some of the bands are going to change, but I know a bunch of the people playing and it’s GOOD STUFF.

Happy Hallowe’en, yo

db is playing Experimental Sounds Tonight at the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree on Saturday, September 17. Come on out!